FB Live Sessions: Antenatal & Post Natal

Antenatal Session

S.No  Topic  Speaker  Trimester Wise Calendar Slot Time
( 30 Minutes Session)
1 First step towards pregnancy Dr.Ankita Jain I Trimester 01-09-2021 3 pm Onwards 
2 Diet during Pregnancy Sushmita Chanda I, II, III  Trimester 04-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
3 Safe Excercises in all trimesters of Pregnancy Dr.Bhargavi Soneji  I, II, III  Trimester 08-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
4 High risk pregnancy management  Dr.Nita Thakre  II  Trimester 11-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
5 Management of Gestational Diabetes with Nutrition Sushmita Chanda II Trimester 15-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
6 Antenetal Yoga Dr.Bhargavi Soneji  I, II, III  Trimester 18-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
7 How birth practices affect breastfeeding Snehal Patel  III  Trimester 25-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
8 Importance of diet during III Trimester Sushmita Chanda III  Trimester 29-09-2021 3 pm Onwards
9 Pelvic Girdle Pain during and after pregnancy  Dr.Nita Thakre III Trimester  06-10-2021 3 pm Onwards

Post Natal

S.No  Topic  Speaker  Trimester Wise Calendar Calendar
1 A guide for First-Time Parents Dr Vishwanath Shukla Post Natal 18-10-2021 3 pm Onwards
2 Newborn baby care myths and facts Dr Snehal Patel Post Natal 20-10-2021 3 pm Onwards