Emergency Care

Time is of essence during emergencies. At KD Blossom we have robust transfer procedures in place to immediately respond to critical medical situations affecting women and children.

  • 24x7 immediate response to crisis calls

  • Fully equipped state-of-the-art ambulances featuring advanced life-saving equipment like ventilators

  • 24x7 critical care specialists and intensivists

  • 24x7 Emergency management teams comprising emergency physicians alongwith well trained and experienced staff

  • 24x7 CT, MRI, USG facilities

  • 24x7 pathology and microbiology

  • 24x7 well trained physiotherapist and dietitian for rehabilitation and catering to special dietary needs

  • Dedicated emergency operation theatre

Whether it is an emergency delivery or transfer of a critically ill newborn into our “state of the art” level III NICU set up with us you are always in safe hands.

Emergency care during pregnancy

Transfer of mother with high-risk pregnancy

Severe preeclampsia symptoms

Preterm labour in second or third trimester

Injury/fall during pregnancy

In case of miscarriage

Extreme vaginal bleeding

Severe pain/pressure in chest

Severe pain in abdomen

Loss of consciousness

Severe postpartum bleeding

Any other situation that seems to be life-threatening

Emergency care of infants

Some newborn infants develop serious problems which often cannot be managed in a level 1 clinic or hospital where only primary care is available. At KD Blossom the emergency department is fully equipped for:

  • Transfer of high-risk infant

  • Management of hypothermia

  • Management of hypoglycaemia

  • Management of respiratory distress