At KD Blossom, we welcome you and your child at our vaccination centre.

The baby’s immune system is stimulated to develop immunity to a particular pathogen by the process of vaccination, or immunization. This is very important for babies, and there is a schedule for providing vaccine to a baby. When the baby stays inside the womb of the mother, he/she has no immunity against diseases and is protected from outside pathogens inside the body of the mother. However, after delivery, protection is needed against pathogens as immune system of babies are not fully developed at the time of birth and their stomachs produce less acid leading to multiplication of pathogens. Thus, vaccine is highly recommended at birth.

We take care of your child’s vaccination at KD Blossom and keep reminding you about all the vaccines unfailingly, as skipping or delaying the vaccines may leave your child vulnerable to diseases. You can contact our paediatrician in case you miss any vaccine or dose. Our paediatric experts will be more than happy to assist you with the needful to be done in such case.