KD Hospital facilitates this program for patients requiring opinions, notion and advice on a diagnosis and treatment plan suggested and provided by medical personnel from other medical facilities.

Patients with a medical condition which may deem life-threatening or very complicated to them, can have a second opinion to make insightful decisions for their health. A Second Opinion may help you get a better understanding of your current situation such as:

  • To understand the potential risk or side-effects of the treatment plan.
  • You are advised an experimental treatment to cure an uncertain or rare diagnosis
  • Conditions involving surgery with a new approach or a different course of treatment than the usual one.
  • Recurring symptoms despite receiving treatment.
  • When you feel uncomfortable with current medical personnel.

Receiving an appointment for the Second Opinion at KD Hospital is easy. Follow these simple steps:-

  • Fill up your contact details and mention relevant Department.
  • Upload your Medical Reports related to your condition (Mandatory)
  • Our team will reach out to you after receiving your Inquiry
  • Choose our Expert Doctor at KD for a Second Opinion
  • You'll be scheduled for a consultation from your choice of Doctor

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