Why Does Your Baby Need A Paediatrician?

A paediatrician is a medical doctor who looks after the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children from birth until age 18. A paediatrician is trained to treat and diagnose a wide range of childhood illnesses from serious disease to minor health problems.

As a mother, you may always be confused about when to visit family or paediatrician doctors for the check-up of your child. However; it is essential for you to visit a pediatrician because they focus on the health of your child. Records from the health department have also shown that 90% of children visited paediatricians last year. If you want to know why you should visit a paediatrician, then read the points described below:

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Pediatrician

New Baby Well Check:The parents must never ignore the health of their child, and new baby health and wellness must be on top of their priority list. A health analysis should always take place within the first week of their birth. A paediatrician will take about thirty minutes to evaluate the health and wellness of your baby. This will further help to decide whether the baby needs any kind of medication and check-ups or not.

Annual Physician Exams: For children, annual check-ups are really essential and must be completed on a routine basis. This is mainly known as annual physician exams and helps in identifying whether your baby is growing well or not in terms of height, weight, and overall body structure. KD Blossom has a well-experienced team of paediatricians in Ahmedabad. If the baby is not growing well, the paediatrician takes certain measures just to achieve wellness and proper growth of the baby.

Baby Immunization: Baby immunisation doesn’t fall under the health and wellness requirements but also falls under a legal undertaking. Parents may face jail terms for negligence if they fail to take their baby to get paediatric care. KD Blossom is a multispecialty hospital but is known as one of the best child care hospitals as they guide parents to have a child immunisation schedule. A proper child immunisation schedule helps babies grow well.

Nutritional Advice: Child care is not only about medications, routine check-ups, and immunizations. It is also about fulfilling the right nutritional needs for their proper growth and development. Most babies are picky when it comes to food; hence, they end up missing some essential nutrition which is actually needed. The best paediatrician guides the parents regarding the daily amounts of nutrients that must be consumed by the baby. Also, they provide alternative sources of nutrients if the baby doesn’t have food on time.

Behavioural Issues: The behaviour of the child is hard to identify by the parents, especially for new parents. Most of them don't understand whether their child is behaving well or whether they need to visit a pediatrician. To learn the behavioural aspects of a child, paediatrician consultation is required so that they can explain whether things are normal or not. There are various behavioural issues in children that can be harmful, such as; often being angry, often arguing with others, often blaming others, and so on. KD Hospital has a children's play area and a child-friendly waiting area that helps to keep babies happy at the time of routine check-ups.

Ear Infections: For young children, ear infections are a major issue that needs to be treated on time before it gets out of control. It has also been identified that the incidence of ear infections is higher in children as compared to adults. Hence, it becomes essential for parents to visit paediatricians just to avoid such infections and to give a healthy life to their babies. Common symptoms and signs of ear infections include ear pain, trouble sleeping, and tugging or pulling of the ears. Therefore, the KD specialist suggests visiting the doctor if your baby faces any of those symptoms.

Common Colds and Fever: Because newborn babies' immunity is still very weak, they are susceptible to fever and cold. Common colds and fever lead the baby towards additional infections. Therefore, timely paediatrician consultation is required to avoid such issues. If your baby has signs of dehydration, looks ill, is very fussy and unusually drowsy, then you must visit a paediatrician as soon as you find out.

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