Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Stages, Types, and More

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that first starts in the breast and can start in both or one breast. Breast cancer occurs when mutation changes take place in genes that regulate cell growth. Breast cancer mainly occurs in women and rarely in men. It is also essential to understand the exact symptoms and treatments of cancer in the beginning just to avoid the major health issues. Typically, breast cancer develops in either the ducts or the lobules of the breast. Lobules refer to the glands that produce milk, whereas ducts refer to the pathways that bring the milk to the nipples from the glands. If you feel any kind of pain or uneasiness in your breast, consult the doctor as soon as possible. You need to be careful because once the cancer cells enter the lymph nodes, they can also easily enter the other parts of the body. KD Blossom is known as a famous women's and children's hospital in Ahmedabad. You can visit KD hospital to get the best breast treatment in Ahmedabad.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

These symptoms can occur at any stage and type of cancer, such as HER2-positive, Triple-negative, breast cancer, or hormone receptor-positive. If you diagnose it at the right time, there are multiple treatments available for breast cancer. Therefore; proper study and knowledge regarding breast cancer are required to avoid bigger issues. You can book an appointment with our breast care specialist who uses the most advanced and innovative diagnostic and treatment techniques. Our breast radiologists are experts in performing image-guided biopsies as well as image-guided procedures.

Less common types of breast cancer are described in the below section:

Most common types of breast cancer are described in the below section:

Stages Of Breast Cancer- What Kind Of Treatment Will I Need?

Stages of cancer help in identifying how much cancer is in the body. It can be determined by several factors, such as the size and location of the tumor in your body.

You can visit KD Blossom Hospital if you see any of those symptoms of breast cancer. We offer complete diagnostic and management services for cancerous and noncancerous breast diseases. Our focus is to create awareness about breast self-examination and teach how it is to be done.