Double Uterus Diagnosis & Treatment

A simple pelvic exam may reveal the presence of a double uterus. Your doctor might feel an abnormally shaped uterus or see a double cervix. You might require some tests to confirm the diagnosis of a double uterus. KD Blossom has a team of gynecologists in Ahmedabad who are more than prepared to carry out such tests!

What Are These Tests?

The tests that the experts will most likely carry out are as follows:

• Ultrasound: This test creates images of your interior body using high-frequency sound waves. A transducer is a device that is pushed on the outside of your lower abdomen to take pictures. Alternatively, the transducer might be inserted into your vagina. We refer to this as transvaginal ultrasound. To have the finest look, you might require both kinds of ultrasonography. If your facility has a 3D ultrasound available, you can use it.

• Sonohysterogram: Sonohysterograms are a unique kind of ultrasound scan. You receive an injection of fluid into your uterus via a tube. On the ultrasound scan, the fluid defines the contours of your uterus. This enables your physician to check for any anomalies.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The MRI machine resembles an open tunnel on both ends. You take a position on a moving table that slides into the tunnel's aperture. A magnetic field and radio waves are used in this painless examination to produce cross-sectional photographs of your interior organs.

Hysterosalpingography: A particular dye is injected via your cervix into your uterus during a hysterosalpingography. X-rays are taken while the dye passes through your reproductive organs. Your uterus' size and form are depicted in these pictures. They also display the state of your fallopian tubes.


If you don't have any symptoms or other issues, treatment for a double uterus is frequently not necessary. Usually, surgery is not performed to unite a double uterus.

However, surgery can be beneficial occasionally. Your doctor may suggest surgery if your uterus is partially divided and you have lost a pregnancy and there is no other medical reason for it. It might help you maintain a subsequent pregnancy.
Surgery can also be beneficial if you have two uteruses and two vaginas. During the procedure, the tissue wall separating the two vaginas is removed. This could make delivering a delivery easier.

Preparing For The Appointment

First, speak with your primary care physician or another medical expert. Or an expert may be recommended to you. If you are looking for lady gynecologists in Ahmedabad/near me or a medical professional who specializes in disorders affecting the female reproductive system. Alternatively, you might visit a physician who specializes in fertility support and reproductive hormones. Reproductive endocrinologists are the name given to this kind of physician.

Suggested Measures

Ask whether there is anything you need to do to prepare when you schedule the appointment. You may receive preparation guidelines for specific exams. Then, jot out a list of:

• Your symptoms, even if they don't seem to be connected to the reason you're there.

• Important personal details, such as recent life transitions, significant stressors, and family medical history.

• Every medication, vitamin, and other dietary supplement you take, along with the dosages. What you take is known as the dosage.

• Queries to put to your physician.


Some of the basic questions you can ask your gynecologists in Ahmedabad are what is most likely causing the symptoms, possible causes for the same, the need for any tests and treatment, restrictions, and more.